Fact Check-Image of Pride and Black Lives Matter flags on roof of the U.S. embassy in Kabul is digitally altered

An image showing rainbow pride and Black Lives Matter flags on the roof of the United States embassy in Kabul has been digitally altered.

The photo, posted to Facebook and Twitter on Aug. 16, shows a Chinook helicopter hovering by the embassy building, which appears to be flying both flags nearby.

Examples are viewable here , here , here and here .

One user said in the comments: “The only flag should be american [sic] flag! this is a joke!”

Another social media user said: “Everything about this current administration disgusts me.. this picture of those flags are [sic] a disgrace.. [sic] I can’t even wrap my head around half of the crap that’s going on these days.”

The image, however, is not authentic, as both flags were not a feature in the original photo, which was captured by Associated Press photographer Rahmat Gul on Aug. 15 (here). According to the caption, helicopters were landing at the U.S. embassy “as diplomatic vehicles leave the compound amid the Taliban advance on the Afghan capital”.

Taliban insurgents took little more than a week to collapse the Western-backed government in Kabul and take over Afghanistan (here and here).

This has prompted evacuations of foreign diplomats (here and here).


False. An image showing Pride and Black Lives Matter flags flying on the roof of the U.S. embassy in Kabul is digitally altered. No flags were flying in the original photo captured on Aug. 15.

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