Fact Check-Kari Lake tweet on Democrats training pigeons to infiltrate mailboxes stems from satire account

A screenshot purporting to show a tweet from Republican Gubernatorial candidate for Arizona Kari Lake saying pigeons are being trained by Democrats to “infiltrate mailboxes” does not show an authentic tweet by Lake. The post originated from a satirical Twitter account.

The purported tweet states, “Democrats will stop at nothing to steal elections. They are literally training pigeons to infiltrate mailboxes and sniff out Republican votes. This is the end.”

The screenshot has been shared on Twitter (here) ( and Facebook (here), (here).

The twitter handle in the screenshot, however, is “@KoriLake” and not Lake’s official Twitter handle, “@KariLake” (

The screenshot appears to have originated from the account “@FaithRubPol”, and it clearly says “Parody” next to the timestamp on the bottom right (here). The account’s bio states, “Most of our screenshots are parodies.” (

Lake’s representatives didn’t immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.


Satire. The screenshot originated from a satire account and does not show an actual tweet from Kari Lake.

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