Fact Check-TIME magazine did not publish front cover about five-time Kenyan leadership candidate Raila Odinga, suggesting his hopes for presidency were ‘done’

An image of an apparent TIME cover page questioning the leadership chances of Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga is fabricated, a spokesperson for the publication told Reuters.

The alleged cover features a picture of Odinga, who has had five attempts running for president, alongside the headline: “THE MAN WHO WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT…

“With over 20 years of trying to clinch the top seat in Kenya is Raila done?”

Kenya’s elections chief declared Deputy President William Ruto the winner of a tight presidential race against the former prime minister on Aug. 15.

Some senior election officials, along with Odinga himself, have since disowned the result.

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The TIME cover page with Odinga, however, is false, the magazine told Reuters via email.

A spokesperson said: “This image is not an authentic TIME cover.”

Moreover, the alleged cover is dated July 19, 2017, and TIME did not publish anything on this date, according to its public archive (

The cover prior, on July 10, featured the cast of Game of Thrones, while the cover after, from July 24, featured Donald Trump Jr.

Reuters was unable to find any evidence of an Odinga cover published in 2017.


False. TIME magazine did not publish a cover in 2017 featuring Raila Odinga.

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