Fact Check-Lego did not release Azov fighters’ figurines; photos show fan-made figurines

Contrary to claims online, Lego did not release figurines depicting members of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment, a spokesperson for the company told Reuters. The figurines were custom-made, and the creator has also clarified they are not official products.

Photos of the figurines in military gear, with yellow arm bands and patches of the Ukrainian flag on one arm, were originally shared on Twitter on July 20 by user Andrew Becraft (here). In his tweet, Becraft described them as “Custom #LEGO minifigs” and “not official products.”

Likewise, a spokesperson for Lego told Reuters that “these are not official LEGO products and in no way associated with the LEGO Group”.

Some online, however, have since reposted the images with the inaccurate description that they were released or produced by the Danish toymaker (here) (here) (here) (here).

“LEGO released a new set in the form of Azov from Mariupol, inspired by Azov Chief of Staff Bogdan Krotevich and Kalina with Radish,” a Twitter user wrote (here)

According to Becraft, the figures are a combination of “regular LEGO parts, custom-printed LEGO parts, and custom gear like the realistic weapons from BrickArms,” (here).

BrickArms is a brand of Brickmania, a company that makes military accessories and custom printed minifigures. While the company uses “genuine LEGO building bricks”, their products are not official Lego products nor endorsed by the toymaker (here).


False. This ‘Lego’ style figurines depicting Azov fighters were not produced by Lego and are not official products of the company.

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