Fact Check-Lego is not releasing ‘genderless bricks’; claims have been taken out of context from a satirical article

Screenshots taken from a satirical article that says Lego is releasing genderless bricks have confused social media users into believing the claim is authentic.

Examples of the posts can be seen here  and here. 

“Lego unveils new genderless bricks with no male/female connectors,” the headline reads (here), alongside a picture of a smooth blue brick and the toymaker logo.

While the article was originally published on May 20 on Christian satirical website Babylon Bee, screenshots posted later to social media took the piece out of its comedic context - and duped users into thinking it was serious.

“They were never gendered in the first place,” one individual commented underneath the post. Another said: “Are you kidding me?”

One person added: “Speechless! Must be something wrong with me I never thought of them as being male or female. They were just Lego.”

The Babylon Bee article was published the same day Lego announced its new LGBTQ-themed set, titled: "Everyone Is Awesome" (here). It includes 11 monochrome minifigures that each sport a unique hairstyle in a rainbow colour. However, this announcement had nothing to do with “genderless bricks”.

Reuters has previously fact-checked claims on social media that were originally intended as satire on the Babylon Bee website here and here.


Satire. The screenshots were taken from satirical website Babylon Bee and shared without context. 

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