Fact Check-Mariah Carey did not fake her COVID-19 vaccine

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Weeks after Mariah Carey shared footage of the exact moment of her first COVID-19 vaccine dosage, posts online claimed she had “faked” her jab, pointing out “the needle didn’t come out” of her arm or that it had “disappeared”. But this is untrue: the video shows a retractable needle, commonly used for safety purposes.

As previously explained by Reuters here , here, retractable needles are used to protect both the person injecting the vaccine and the patient receiving it, by reducing the risk of catching bloodborne diseases from needle injuries.

“It’s all a scam, don’t celebrate celebrities”, reads an Instagram with the video here. Other posts made on Instagram and video platform Bitchute can be seen here, here. Comments include: “Ohh my goodness.. the needle is still inside her!!!” and “Where did the needle go when they pulled it out fake vaccine injection”

On April 3, the singer shared the moment of her vaccination to her millions of followers on Instagram here and Twitter here. “I’m here excited and nervous a little bit about getting this shot (…) We are still in this battle together”, she said to the camera prior to getting her jab.

A video published by her partner Bryan Tanaka that same day reveals both were inoculated at the Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine in Georgia (see logo on doctor’s coat around timestamp 00:35 here).

Referring to the accusations as “absurd”, Brett Rutenberg, a spokesman for Carey, told Reuters via email that the singer did receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Contacted by Reuters by phone, a spokesperson for the Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine confirmed the video in question shows a retractable needle.

Around timestamp 00:05 of the clip ( here ), a female voice can be heard saying to the person that will vaccinate Carey: “when you push this all the way back, the needle will retract”, referring to the plunger of the syringe.

This coincides with what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) explains on how retractable needles work: “After the needle is used, an extra push on the plunger retracts the needle into the syringe, removing the hazard of needle exposure”. An animation of this can be seen on the OSHA website here .

According to the World Health Organization document on “Ensuring Safe Injections” retractable needles can be used to reduce the risk of injury (page 4 here ).

Reuters has previously fact-checked similar false claims that propagate mistrust and speculate about the COVID-19 vaccination procedure of public figures and politicians here , here and here.


False. Mariah Carey did not fake her COVID-19 inoculation, she was vaccinated with a retractable needle.

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