Fact Check-No evidence woman receiving supplies is Mariupol hospital strike survivor

A video of a woman collecting food supplies in Mariupol, Ukraine, has circulated online with the suggestion it shows a woman who had faked her death in a hospital bombing.

The now-viral clip shows a woman wrapped in a pink scarf, receiving bread and water deliveries that are being handed out to a crowd of people.

It has been shared widely in low resolution on social media alongside images of two women who appeared in photographs outside the destroyed Mariupol children’s hospital on March 9 ( here, here ), with users claiming they are all the same person ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), ( ).

Many accounts posted almost-identical variations of the following statement: “Ukrainian pregnant women [sic] that apparently was injured in Russian Airstrikes on a hospital is still alive and part of a new propoganda video [sic].”

However, there is no evidence that the woman collecting food in the video was the same woman pictured outside the hospital, nor that she faked her death.


On March 9, an air strike on a maternity hospital in besieged port city Mariupol killed three people, including a child, according to the Ukrainian president ( here ).

The bombing became a pressure point, with social media users and Russian officials saying claims it struck the hospital were fake ( here ).

One pregnant woman, who the Associated Press (AP) photographed clutching her pelvis on a stretcher outside the hospital after the strike, later died along with her baby, the news agency reported ( here ).

A different pregnant woman also appeared in an AP photograph outside the hospital. She survived and gave birth to a baby daughter, according to the AP ( here ).


A Telegram channel sharing original videos from Ukraine first posted the clip of the woman collecting bread, along with several other videos of people at the location, on Mar. 21. See the high-resolution clips ( ).

Another clip shared by the channel shows the woman in the pink scarf from a different angle ( ).

Reuters verified the location as Prospekt Budivelnykiv in the centre of the city of Mariupol ( here ).

A red awning over the door of a local business ( can be seen on a different video posted by the same account ( ) which also shows the landmarks in the video with bread being distributed.

While Reuters was unable to independently verify the identity of the woman in the clip, there is no evidence she is the same woman pictured at the hospital.

The two women have different facial features; for instance, their hairlines do not match (see here).


There is no evidence a woman seen receiving bread and water supplies in Mariupol, Ukraine, in a video posted on Mar. 21 was the same woman pictured outside a Mariupol children’s hospital on Mar. 9, nor is there any evidence she faked her death.

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