Fact Check-Digitally altered image shows Mark Wahlberg wearing anti-liberal T-shirt

American actor Mark Wahlberg was not pictured wearing an anti-liberal T-shirt. The image is altered and the original shows Wahlberg wearing a plain black T-shirt.

The image makes it appear as if Wahlberg wore a T-shirt comparing liberals to Neanderthals.

Examples of the altered image can be viewed (here) and (here).

While some indicated that they were aware the image was altered, others were misled into thinking that the screenshot was authentic.

One user who shared the tweet said: “Marky Mark saying it like it is” (

The image is altered. The original photograph shows Wahlberg dressed in a plain black T-shirt and was captured by Associated Press photographer Chris Pizzello in June 2012 (here).

In 2017, Wahlberg told Yahoo Politics that celebrities should stay out of politics (here).


Altered. The original shows Wahlberg wearing a plain black T-shirt.

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