Fact Check-Altered photo of two men with a pride flag

A photograph of two men holding a rainbow flag at a pride celebration in Paris has been altered to include two children.

An example with more than 293,000 views at the time it was archived can be seen ( with the text, “This is NOT about human rights! At this point, it’s about saying NO to freaks, perverts, narcissists and pedophiles!”

Other examples can be seen (here) and (here).

The image shows two men wearing harnesses with one child between them holding a small pride flag and another sitting on the shoulders of the man on the left.

However, the image has been digitally altered to include the children.

The unaltered image was published in July 2012 on the cover of a right-wing French weekly magazine called Minute with the headline, ““Gay marriage: soon, they will be able to get all dressed up… with a ring on their finger”, as reported (here), (here) and (here).

Reuters was not able to locate the original photograph. However, a high resolution version visible (here) shows a French flag in the distance on the left. The image was taken on Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris, France and is viewable on Google Street View (

A search on TinEye, a image search tool, (here) revealed that the earliest instance of the original photograph was posted in a now-deleted blog in 2008 (here ).


Altered. The image has been altered to include two children.

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