Fact Check-Image of Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz is digitally altered

A digitally altered photograph of former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama with celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz is circulating online.

An iteration retweeted more than 1,500 times on Twitter is visible archived ( ). Other examples can be found on Facebook ( here ) ( here ).

The original image can be found on the Dr. Oz Show’s website ( here ) and dates back to 2012 ( here ) ( here ).

The altered image appears to show Oz, currently running for the Republican Pennsylvania Senate race ( here ), placing his left hand near Obama’s lower abdomen.

In the original photo, he is seen placing his arm on his own leg. A comparison of both images is viewable ( here ).

While some users call out the imagery for being manipulated or “photoshopped” others appear to believe it is an authentic image.

Reuters previously debunked another manipulated image of Michelle Obama ( here ).


Altered. This image of Michelle Obama and Dr. Oz is manipulated. In the original picture, he is seen placing his arm on his own leg.

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