Fact Check-Mike Tyson’s t-shirt altered to include message against vaccines

A digitally altered photograph of boxer Mike Tyson has tricked users into believing he is wearing a t-shirt with a message against vaccines.

“Trust in god not in vaccines,” the alleged black t-shirt reads. Posts with this image can be seen here, here, here, here, here.

The original image, posted on his official Instagram and Facebook pages ( here , here ) shows Tyson’s t-shirt, part of his Mike Tyson collection, actually features a black and white photograph of himself.

“It’s false. It’s photoshop,” Mike Tyson’s representative, Joann Mignano, confirmed to Reuters via email.

Reuters did not find any public comments made by Tyson on vaccines.

The boxer did feature vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his show “Hotboxin’ w/ Mike Tyson” ( ). The episode, which aired on September 2020, appears to have been recorded on January that year ( ).


Altered. This photograph has been altered to include a message against vaccines; the original shows Tyson wearing a t-shirt with a photograph of himself.

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