Fact Check-Viral video of military action is not real; it is a recording of a military simulator video game

Video game footage that shows ground-to-air missiles downing aircraft has been mistaken by social media users for reality.

The Facebook clip was originally uploaded in January and has been viewed millions of times; however, it has since resurfaced with multiple users referencing the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas (here).

“Craziest U.S. COUNTER - ROCKET ARTILLERY MORTAR System in Action You Never SEEN,” the user wrote in the caption.

A comment with high engagement underneath reads: “It seems to be a rehearsal or military [sic] exercises. It’s crazy trying to reach that type of weapon with schrapnel [sic] from a plane instead of with a missil [sic].”

Another adds: “Seems like a lot of wasted ammunition for those things just a fire like that.”

In one comment, which received 55 reactions, a user says there are “hundreds of shells and rockets” landing in Gaza. He adds: “Children under the rubble dozens of wounded, martyrs, and bodies completely mutilated. What is the fault of the Palestinians that they cling to their land and their homeland and refused to leave their homelands?”

Multiple users have also commented with memes, videos and images related to the ongoing conflict.

However, the video is not real and it has nothing to do with the violence in Gaza, which has so far killed hundreds of people (here).

Reuters contacted Czech video game developer Bohemia Interactive which confirmed the clip is a recording of its game Arma 3. It is a military simulator that was first released in 2013 (here).


Missing context. The clip is not reality. It shows a military simulation video game and is not linked to the latest flare-up of violence in Gaza.

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