Fact Check-Newspaper headline about Russian army “rapist kits” is fake

A headline about Russian army “rapist kits” attributed by social media users to a British daily newspaper is fake.

The fabricated line, as seen in a screenshot of an alleged page in the Daily Mirror, reads: “The Russian army issues <<rapist kits>> to soldiers” (here and here).

It is followed by a standfirst, also fake, reading: “According to correspondents from the front line, the Russian army issues special “rapist kits” for its soldiers with the aim of using them against Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. This kit incudes a dildo, sex stimulants and various torture devices.”

A spokesperson for Daily Mirror publisher Reach PLC told Reuters via email that the screenshot is a fake. No such headline, standfirst or story was published by the outlet.

Moreover, Reuters was unable to find any evidence of such a piece being published by the Daily Mirror.

The screenshot also uses different font, formatting and style than that seen on the outlet’s webpage (see here).


False. The Daily Mirror did not publish any such piece.

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