Fact Check-Mother Teresa is not Anthony Fauci’s mother

A conspiracy website is spreading false reports that Dr Anthony Fauci is the son of Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta).

Posts on social sites linking Mother Teresa and Fauci as mother and son can be seen here with a photo of Mother Teresa behind bars with the caption “HOLY SH(fear and expletive emojis)!!!! Mother Teresa was Dr. Fauci’s mom.” A second example is visible here captioned “Dr. Fauci is the son of the largest child trafficker on this planet. Yes connect the dots.” Some posts also feature an undated photo of a young Anthony Fauci standing with Mother Teresa seen here .

The rumor has been circulating online for at least several months.

The bogus claims likely come from an article visible with the headline, “Child Trafficker Mother Teresa Was Anthony Fauci’s Mother.” The article does not provide sources for the multiple claims. (The website, Dark Outpost, has published multiple false articles including “Clintons Executed In 2018” and “Biden Is Computer Generated”. Its subsections include: “Conspiracies” and “Satanism.”)

According to the Mother Teresa Center biography page seen here , Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910, in Skopje, in the Balkans. At the age of 18, in 1928, she joined the Sisters of Loreto in Calcutta, India. The website describes May 24, 1937, as the day “Sister Teresa made her Final Profession of Vows,” including vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. (here)

Saint Teresa led the Missionaries of Charity ( until shortly before her death in September of 1997. The organization became linked to a child-trafficking scandal years after Teresa’s death in 2018, when a woman from Missionaries of Charity was arrested for selling a 14-day-old baby seen here in reporting from the BBC here . A Reuters report can be seen here .

A biography for Anthony Stephen Fauci (here) shows he was born December 24, 1940, in Brooklyn, NY, to Stephen and Eugenia Fauci. Anthony is the “second child of first-generation Italian American parents.” Anthony Fauci’s parents are deceased, a 2008 New York Times obituary can be seen here . Anthony Fauci’s mother, Eugenia Lillian Abys Fauci, died in 1965 (here).

A detailed family history featuring photographs, draft cards, and immigration documents for the Fauci family can be found compiled by genealogist Bradley Greenland, visible here . also documents her first trip out of India to the United States being in January of 1960 (here), well after Fauci’s birth in New York.

Representatives for Fauci did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


False. Mother Teresa was not Anthony Fauci’s mother. Records show that Fauci was born to Stephen and Eugenia Abys Fauci.

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