Fact Check-Video shows protest at University of Nairobi in Kenya, not 2021 France vaccination protests

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Users are sharing a video of protesters being sprayed by water cannons and claiming it shows recent protests in France against COVID-19 vaccinations. Similar videos and a Google Street View geolocation, however, revealed the location to be near University of Nairobi in Kenya.

An example can be seen here with the caption, “Resistance begins to mount against President Macron's plan for mandatory COVID vaccinations of all French citizens. #france”

A male voice speaking in Swahili is audible at the start of the video, suggesting the video may be set in Kenya.

Indeed, the same video has been shared on YouTube with titles and descriptions saying it shows University of Nairobi protests in Kenya’s capital on July 14, 2021 ( here , here and here ) .

At the very beginning of the video, a Shell gas station sign is partly visible on the middle right. A search of Shell gas stations near the University of Nairobi reveals one ( ) on University Way. The curved driveway of the station with greenery ( ) matches the one seen in the video. The gas station’s teal-colored roof, also visible at the start of the video, can be seen at the same gas station via satellite imagery view ( ).

A company sign with a black logo on a white sign on top of a building just on the right of the gas station is visible at 0:08 in the video. The same sign is visible on Google street view .

The pointed roof structure seen across the street from the gas station in the video at 0:21 is also visible on Street View ( ). The street, number of lanes and the vegetation match in both the video and the Google Street View.

Reuters was unable to independently source the video in question to confirm that date on which it was filmed.

A video posted on YouTube by Africa News (here) shows a protest that took place on May 16, 2016 at the same location. At 0:52, the building with the logo billboard, the gas station and apartments with reflective windows can be seen in a row. The pointed roof structure is visible across the street at 01:05.

There have been protests near the University of Nairobi throughout the years for different reasons, with some past Reuters reports visible here , here and here .

Clashes where police used teargas on students took place in the area on July 14-15 ( here , here ). The earliest version of this exact video Reuters could find was from July 14, 2021.


False. The video was taken near University of Nairobi in Kenya, not France during a vaccination protest.

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