Fact Check-County in North Carolina does not allow you to request online death certificates for yourself

Contrary to claims online, Mecklenburg County in North Carolina does not provide online death certificates for people requesting them for themselves.

Confusion circulated on social media, with users sharing the photo of a website of the county’s Registrar of Deeds that showed a text box with the option “myself” to select who the person listed on the requested death certificate is.

Posts sharing the image can be seen ( here ), ( here ), ( here ).

While the image is authentic (see archived version of the site: here), the “myself” tab was not clickable and since Feb. 9, 2022, the site has been updated to remove the button altogether ( here ).

Contacted by Reuters, the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds office said that this website, provided by a third-party vendor, is the same where customers can request a birth, death, or a marriage certificate.

“Apparently the landing page on each is identical, however, for the Death Certificate request page, the ‘Myself’ tab is greyed out and not an available option, for obvious reasons. As of Feb. 9, the vendor changed the formatting of the death certificate request page and the ‘myself’ tab has been altogether removed,” the statement added.


Missing context. A website to request death certificates in Mecklenburg County showed a greyed-out tab with the text “myself,” but it was non-clickable. Since Feb. 9, the tab has been altogether removed.

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