Fact Check-Video of firefighters does not show protest in solidarity with Dutch farmers

Social media users have falsely claimed that a video of firefighters standing on their vehicles was captured during a protest held in solidarity with demonstrating farmers in the Netherlands.

One Facebook user uploaded the video with a description that reads: "Footage purporting to show Fire-Fighters in the Netherlands coming out in support of protesting farmers." (here).

Another iteration of the video was shared on Twitter, with the tweet: “BREAKING: Netherlands fire fighters join the farmers. This is how it’s done @Toronto_Fire” (here).

Farmers in the Netherlands have been protesting against government plans that may require them to use less fertilizer and reduce livestock. This is due to targets introduced in June to reduce harmful nitrogen compounds by 2030 (here).

But the video of firefighters, which shows fire engines parked together and sounding their sirens, is not related to the protests.

The clip can be traced back to a TikTok account (here where it was uploaded on May 22 with a description in Polish that reads: “Nocna Jazda Ratowników dla Mai”/ “Rescuers Night Ride for Maja”. One of the tags used to describe the video is the name of a Polish town Krosno.

The uploader of the video did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.

A search in Polish reveals that the video description is the name of a charity event organised on May 21 and features a night ride of participants from Jedlicze to Krosno (

According to local media reports, it was the seventh edition of an annual charity event attended by emergency services. This year’s edition was dedicated to collecting funds for a five-year-old girl named Maja who has cerebral palsy (here and here).


Miscaptioned. Video does not show firefighters supporting farmers protesting in the Netherlands. It can be traced back to May 22 and shows a charity event organised in Poland.

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