Fact Check-Screenshot purporting to show a tweet published by Nintendo about NFTs is digitally altered

Nintendo did not tweet announcing that the company is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) despite a digitally altered image circulating online. No such tweet was published by the company.

The fake tweet appears to have been sent on Jan. 22, 2022, via the ‘Nintendo of America’ Twitter account and reads: “Introducing #NFT’s, an exciting new service coming to #NintendoSwitch. This will give players a new way to enjoy Nintendo products. Please stay tuned for upcoming information.”

One user who shared the screenshot on Facebook said: “Nintendo are going to use NFTs” here).

A user said in the comments: “I cant [sic] wait until this fad is long dead.” Another said: “This is actually real.” (here).

Although most online were aware that Nintendo did not tweet such post and found the image satirical, some were duped into thinking that the screenshot was of an authentic tweet.

Reuters found no such post published on the Nintendo of America Twitter account ( nor did a Twitter advanced search reveal any such tweet published by the account (

If a tweet has been deleted, a notice of a deleted tweet is viewable with replies to the tweet underneath. Reuters found no such notice on Jan. 22, 2022, related to the account.

The screenshot was likely created as satirical. The screenshot also has a link that reads: “” which refers to slang used among gamers to become better at a skill (here.).

Reuters previously addressed digitally altered posts purporting to have been published by companies or news outlets (here), (here), (here).


Satire. Nintendo did not tweet to say that the company is releasing an NFT. The screenshot likely originated as satire although some were duped into thinking that the image was authentic.

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