Fact Check- Alleged reference to ‘got your nose’ joke in Prince Harry’s ‘Spare’ is not authentic

A purported extract from Prince Harry’s book “Spare” in which he narrates how he was tormented as a child after his father King Charles played the game “I got your nose” with him is not real and appears to have been created as satire. Some social media users, however, have been duped into thinking it’s an authentic segment of the memoir.

The alleged phrase reads: “When I was a child my father grabbed at my nose then pulled away with his thumb between his fingers saying ‘I’ve got you’re nose’ (sic) I thought I had been badly disfigured, the torment I suffered haunts me to this day.”

Examples are viewable on Facebook (here here) .

“Good grief this is such an old tradition that sooo many parents and grandparents used to do and still do. The children just used to laugh. I question his sanity!!!,” one Facebook user commented.

“What [face palm emoji] my dad was always doing that to me ! He’s obviously got a serious problem and needs his therapist like he stated in speed dial !!, “ another one wrote.

No such phrase is found in Prince Harry’s “Spare” (here)

The fabricated extract appears to have been first shared by Facebook page “Belfast Mafia” (here).

The page, listed under category “Just for Fun” has posted other purported extracts alongside pictures of Prince Harry. In one post with a different quotation, their caption disclaims the image is “a joke” (here).


Satire. This is not a real extract from Prince Harry’s “Spare”. The purported quote appears to have been created as satire.

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