Fact Check-New York Times headline about election fraud digitally altered 

Social media users are sharing a screenshot of a New York Times article with a headline about the 2020 U.S. presidential election being stolen. The headline, however, has been digitally altered from an existing article.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The headline in the screenshot reads: “Even if the election was stolen, recalling it will just further divide the country.”

No article on the New York Times website has this headline, visible here .

Some users on Twitter pointed to the fact that the subheading does not match the supposed headline (it reads: “’Leave the rest to me’ and to congressional allies, the former president is said to have told top law enforcement officials.”) (here).

Searching this subheading brings up the original article on The New York Times website, visible here . The authentic headline reads: “Trump Pressed Justice Dept. to Declare Election Results Corrupt, Notes Show.”

Jordan Cohen, a representative for The New York Times told Reuters via email: “The New York Times did not write or publish the headline in that screenshot.”


Altered. This New York Times headline has been altered.

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