Fact Check-News about Ohio’s death penalty procedure is satire

Social media users are sharing a video created by satirical publication The Onion and claiming it shows a new death penalty procedure introduced in Ohio.

Examples can be seen (here) and (here).

The chyron of the news segment reads: “OHIO INTRODUCES NEW DEATH PENALTY PROCEDURE”.

The anchor in the video mentions: “Facing mounting criticism that lethal injection is cruel and outdated, Ohio has replaced it with a system that quickly and humanely rips off the heads of death row inmates using powerful robotic arms. The new device is designed to be as humane as possible, emitting soothing white noise and putting prisoners on a cushioned seat before its metallic talons dig into their necks and painlessly wrench their heads off…”

The video continues to discuss the procedure.

However, the logo of the news station seen on the bottom right is “ONN”, also known as the Onion News Network (here) The Onion is a satirical website.

The video is available on The Onion’s website (here) and was published on May 5, 2014.

Reuters reported in October 2014 that Ohio said in April 2014 it would increase the doses of sedative and painkiller used in lethal injections after an execution in January took about 25 minutes to complete. The state was using an untested combination of drugs after the maker of the barbiturate Pentobarbital objected to its use in executions (here).

Local news reported that Ohio has not executed a prisoner since 2018 (here).


Satire. The video shown is from a satirical news segment produced by The Onion.

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