Fact Check-Pennsylvania video shows voting by designated agent, not fraud

Social media users are sharing a video of a person placing multiple ballots in a ballot drop box in Dublin, Pennsylvania during the November 2021 elections in the state and claiming it shows evidence of voter fraud. However, the state county clerk’s office says the video shows a designated agent legally depositing ballots on behalf of people who could not do so themselves.

The elections that took place in 2021 can be seen (here).

Examples of the video can be seen (here) and (here).

Most posts include a now-deleted TikTok video (here) with the text: “Right here in my neighborhood! Upper Dublin, PA! VOTER FRAUD!! We know who you are! Hope you get everything coming to you!”

Other posts say the video was obtained by the Montgomery County Republican Committee (here).

Lee A. Soltysiak, the chief operating officer for the Office of the Chief Clerk in Pennsylvania, wrote in a letter (here) on March 23, 2022, that claims about voter fraud regarding a video “released by the Montgomery County Republican Committee” and showing a “secure ballot drop box located in Upper Dublin Township” are false.

Kelly Cofrancisco, Director of Communications for Montgomery County, confirmed to Reuters via email that the video referred to in their letter is the one circulating in the social media posts.

The letter explains that, after review, the person in the video was revealed to have placed ballots with a completed designated agent form in line with Pennsylvania law. “Each form properly identified the individual voter and designated the individual in the video as the person permitted to act as an agent on the voter’s behalf,” the letter said. “The County maintains each of these Designated Agent forms in its possession.”

More information about the designated agent form for Pennsylvania can be seen (here). The forms allow someone with a disability to designate a person to obtain and return mail-in or absentee ballots on their behalf. "This individual did nothing wrong,” the letter said. “In fact, the video shows this voter taking the proper steps to enfranchise residents of a local rehabilitation and long-term care facility so that their votes were legally cast.”

While Reuters could not independently verify the video, the social media posts do not provide concrete evidence that the video shows voter fraud. Designated agents, on the other hand, provide a legal and safe delivery of ballots on behalf of people who are unable to do so.


False. The person in the video was legally depositing ballots into a ballot drop box as a designated agent on behalf of those who could not do it themselves, according to a state county clerk’s office.

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