Fact Check-Footage of protesters in Paris attacking police is from 2016

A Euronews video clip from 2016 showing protesters attacking a police car in Paris has been miscaptioned online, with social media users claiming the footage depicts a recent demonstration.

“Paris protesters are attacking police, smashing their car, hitting them, and even trying to set the car on fire by throwing firecrackers. There is massive civil unrest happening right now in France,” one tweet reads ( here ).

Other iterations referring to the clip as if recent can be seen on Twitter and Facebook ( here , here , here , here ).

The 1:19-minute clip, displaying a watermark with the Euronews logo, was originally published on May 19, 2016 on the outlet’s YouTube channel here.

As reported by Reuters, the incident took place during a May 18, 2016 demonstration against police violence and against French labor law reform, following weeks of protests ( here ).

Reuters footage of the police car (see license plate AA-215-0F, visible around timestamp 00:36 ) , which was also set on fire are viewable here: ( here , here , here ).

Protests in France did break out in July 2021 following sweeping measures announced by President Emmanuel Macron to fight a rapid surge in new coronavirus infections ( here ). By Sept. 11, over 120,000 people were continuing to demonstrate across the country, France 24 reported ( here ).


Miscaptioned. This footage does not show a protest against COVID-19 restrictions, it is from a 2016 protest in Paris.

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