Fact Check-Image of riot police officer with boot on protester’s shoulder is from 2010, not from ‘Freedom Convoy’

A photograph of a riot police officer with his boot on the shoulder of a protester dates to a 2010 protest at the G20 summit in Toronto. The image is not connected to recent anti-government rallies that began as demonstrations against cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers in Canada.

One user shared the image on Twitter on Feb. 18 and said: “Nothing to see here. Just following orders. #TrudeauTyranny” (here), (here).

The tweet had over 3,200 likes and more than 2,500 shares at the time of writing.

The photograph is not recent, however, and is unrelated to recent so-called “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations in Canada.

A reverse image search reveals that the photograph was published in 2010 during protests over a G20 summit.

The headline of the Toronto Star article published on Aug. 17, 2010, reads: “Toronto police board agrees to $16.5 million settlement over mass arrests at 2010 G20 summit”


The photograph was also published in numerous later articles published by the Toronto Star, including a piece published in November 2010 ( and in an article 10 years after the protests (

In June 2010, activists, labor groups and other protesters demonstrated in downtown Toronto to demand that the Group of 20 countries, including Canada, do more to fight poverty (here).

On Feb. 20, 2022, Canadian police secured the downtown core of the capital with fencing as city workers cleaned the streets after two days of tense standoffs and 191 arrests ended a three-week occupation of Ottawa (here).

Protesters in Canada initially demonstrated to call for an end to cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers, but the blockade evolved into a demonstration against the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the current government (here).


Miscaptioned. A photograph of a police officer with their boot on the shoulder of a demonstrator dates to a 2010 protest of the G20 summit that was held in Toronto. The image is unrelated to recent anti-government demonstrations that evolved from rallies against COVID-19 vaccine mandates for truck drivers in Canada.

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