Fact Check-No evidence Jen Psaki made $27 million in two years as White House Press Secretary

Social media users are claiming Jen Psaki made $27 million during her two years as White House Press Secretary but provide no evidence for their calculations. Her actual salary while in the role, which she held for 17 months, was around $180,000. Psaki told Reuters her net worth was not close to $27 million, and Reuters found no evidence to support that being the case.

One Facebook user uploaded an image ( here ) of the President’s former spokesperson alongside text that reads: “My White House salary = $183k. I will have to circle back with you on how in just 2 years I’ve made $27 million.”

The post, which has been shared more than 50 times, also provides a link to a website called CA Knowledge ( here ) (archived here ). This is where the $27 million figure appears to originate from.

Similar posts can be found on Facebook ( here , here , here and here ) and Twitter ( here ), the latter of which has been shared more than 11,000 times.

The CA Knowledge article is titled, “Jen Psaki Net Worth $27 Million (Forbes 2022) Salary White House Press Secretary.” But Forbes confirmed they never published this estimate.

A spokesperson for the magazine told Reuters via email that Forbes “has not published a net worth estimate for Jen Psaki.”

A search for “Jen Psaki net worth” on the magazine’s website produced no articles ( here ), nor did a search for “Jen Psaki $27 million” ( here ).

Likewise, an advanced Google search using the terms ‘Jen’, ‘Psaki’, ‘$27’ and ‘million’, plus the exact phrase “net worth”, and filtering results to only include webpages from ‘’ produced no evidence that the magazine had reported the $27 million figure ( ).

Psaki told Reuters via email: “Given my husband and I have spent the vast majority of our professional careers in public service, I can easily confirm that my net worth is nowhere near that ballpark.”

According to the 2021 Annual Report to Congress on White House Personnel ( here ), she earned $180,000 a year as Joe Biden’s official spokesperson – a role she held for 17 months, not two years.

Some media outlets have estimated Psaki’s net worth at around $2-2.5 million ( here ) ( here ), however this has also not been independently confirmed.

On May 24, 2022, MSNBC announced that the former press secretary would be joining the network in the autumn ( here ). However, it is not clear how much she will earn in her new role ( ) and ( here ).


No evidence. Reuters found no evidence of Jen Psaki earning $27 million during her 17 months as White House Press Secretary.

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