Fact Check-Purell does not contain toxic ingredients, according to FDA

Social media users have been sharing an image of a Purell hand sanitizer on a metal stand that has been damaged at the base. Users are claiming that this is caused by the toxic ingredients in Purell. There is, however, no evidence to support this claim.

Examples can be seen here and here . The text in the image reads: “A picture says a million words. POISON”

The posts do not specify what ingredients it considers toxic.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns on its website here. against hand sanitizers with ingredients such as methanol and 1-propanol, that can be toxic to humans.

The FDA includes a list of hand sanitizer with toxic ingredients that consumers should not use, which can be found here . It lists ethyl and isopropyl alcohol as acceptable ingredients.

There are various reasons why FDA recommends against use of certain hand sanitizers. These include hand sanitizers containing or made in the same facility as products that contain methanol or 1-propanol, found to have microbial contamination, recalled by the manufacturer or distributor, subpotent (containing less than the required amount of alcohol) or packaged in a container able to be mistaken for food or beverage.

None of Purell’s products are listed among the 232 total entries in the FDA’s list. Purell’s ingredients are available here , with ethyl alcohol at 70% as its active ingredient and isopropyl alcohol among its inactive ingredients.

Samantha Williams, senior director of corporate communications for GOJO (the parent company for Purell), confirmed to Reuters that Purell hand sanitizers do not contain toxic ingredients and that hand sanitizers have been safely used for more than three decades.

The safety data sheets for different Purell products can be found .


False. Purell does not contain toxic ingredients, according to the FDA.

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