Fact Check-No evidence Putin said he will unveil a ‘depopulation plan’ plotted by the U.S. and Europe

Social media users are sharing a fabricated quote attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin about unveiling a depopulation plan prepared by the U.S. and Europe.

Examples can be seen (here) and (here).

The quote reads: “I will make public the depopulation plan that the United States and Europe have prepared. It will be the scientists hidden in the bio-weapons labs that have been found who will uncover everything, they are right now in Moscow.”

The posts do not suggest where, when or in what context Putin said this. There are no credible sources available.

Reuters did not find evidence that Putin said this quote. It does not appear in transcripts of Putin’s speeches or official social media (here), ( and there are no news reports about the quote.

A Google search of the quote (here ) does not reveal any credible results from reputable news organizations.

Reuters previously debunked another quote attributed to Putin where he allegedly denounced the West’s “satanic” plans to depopulate the globe (here).


No evidence. There is no evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin said this quote about revealing a depopulation plan prepared by the U.S. and Europe.

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