Fact Check-Video incorrectly identifies Queen Elizabeth as ‘throwing sweets at African kids'; in fact it shows two French women throwing coins for people in Indochina

An old video said by social media users to show Queen Elizabeth II throwing food at children is false. The footage was filmed around 25 years before her birth and shows two French women throwing coins for people in Annam, Indochina.

One Facebook user, whose post has amassed more than 510 shares and 12,000 views (here), uploaded the clip alongside the caption: “Late Queen With Some Of Your Grand Parents.”

Another user (here) claimed the video shows “Queen Elizabeth throwing sweets at African kids”.

In the 44-second clip, two women in white are seen tossing small objects toward a group of mostly children, who appear to scramble to collect the items thrown.

Similar posts can be seen on Facebook (here, here and here) and Twitter (here, here and here), where it has been shared and viewed more than 1,900 and 224,000 times respectively.

However, the video was filmed more than two decades before the birth of Queen Elizabeth, according to a complete catalogue of films which lists the cinematographic work of the Lumière brothers (here) – the famous French siblings who pioneered filmmaking and cinema (here and here).

According to the Catalogue Lumière website, which shows a still from the footage, the clip was recorded between April 28, 1899, and March 2, 1900, by Gabriel Veyre – a French director and photographer (here) – in Annam, a former French protectorate, now part of Vietnam.

Elizabeth was born in April 1926 (here). Her death on Sept. 9, 2022, prompted false claims to spread online, such as one covered by Reuters Fact Check (here).

The film was named, ‘Enfants annamites ramassant des sapèques devant la pagode des dames’, which in English translates to, ‘Annamese children picking up cash in front of the Ladies’ Pagoda’.

Catalogue Lumière says the two women seen in the clip are the wife and daughter of former French President Paul Doumer, who was then-governor-general of French Indochina.

It reads: “There is a captioned photograph by Gabriel Veyre (Jacquier/Veyre collection) which made it possible to recognize Mrs. and Miss Doumer. The two women are throwing cash on the fly at native children.”

The entire catalogue of films was included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register in 2005 (, here and here).


False. The video does not show Queen Elizabeth II throwing food at children.

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