Fact Check-False quote attributed to half-clothed Mexican politician

Social media posts have accredited an unverified comment to a Mexican legislator who stripped naked to protest against oil reforms in 2013. Reuters found no evidence that the quote is real.

The popular image shows a man dressed in his underpants alongside superimposed text that reads: “In Mexico, a member of parliament removed all his clothes in Parliament during debate,” before quoting him as saying: ‘”You are ashamed to see me naked, but you are not ashamed to see your people in the streets naked, barefooted, desperate, jobless and hungry after you have stolen all their money and wealth’ he told the Parliament.” (here and here). Similar claims circulated in October 2020 (

However, the photo was in fact taken during a vote on oil reforms in 2013, according to numerous reports from the time (here , here). It shows Mexican politician Antonio Garcia removing his clothes in Congress to denounce controversial legislation that opened up the country’s oil sector to foreign investment.

Garcia was quoted saying: “This is how you're stripping the nation. Where is the benefit? I'm not ashamed, what you're doing is a shame!” (here , and here).

Reuters staff based in Mexico watched a full video of his speech and confirmed he did not make the alleged statement. Rather, they translated Garcia’s explanation for getting naked as: “For this reason, companions, just as you have stripped the nation by privatising Teléfonos de México (the country’s telecommunications provider), this is how you are stripping the nation. I am not ashamed (of stripping) because what you are doing, you took away and privatised Teléfonos de México and where is the benefit?" (here).


Partly false. An image has resurfaced showing Mexican politician Antonio Garcia stripping in protest of oil reforms in 2013. However, there is no evidence for the accompanying quote shared online.

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