Fact Check-Fabricated ‘Commitment to America’ graphic circulates inaccurate Republican agenda ahead of Midterms

An altered graphic is circulating online purporting to show policy points published by U.S. House Republicans under the ‘Commitment to America’ agenda ahead of the midterm elections this November. The graphic is fake, however and no such graphic can be viewed via U.S. House Republicans’ official website.

Republicans released a plan dubbed ‘Commitment to America’ in late September that aims to support the nation’s energy industry, fight crime and combat illegal immigration ahead of the upcoming elections (here).

An image subsequently circulated purporting to show key policy points under the aforementioned plan.

The ‘Commitment to America’ banner is viewable across the upper-third of the image with opening text that reads: “Entitlements are bankrupting our country and the future of our children. Republicans are the only party with a plan to address our fiscal crisis and commit to the following if you give us the Majority in November.”

Some of the supposed policy points listed include a tax on disabled veterans benefits and raising the age of Medicare eligibility to 75 and a cut-off for those aged 90 and above.

Examples of the image shared online can be found (here), (here), (here), (here), (here) and (here).

No such graphic is viewable on the ‘Commitment to America’ official website (here) while recommendations under the plan can be viewed (here).

An official one-page ‘Commitment to America’ graphic with main policy areas including the economy and migration can be viewed ( The graphic includes a plan to strengthen voter ID laws and implement “pro-growth tax and regulatory policies.”

A Google advanced search did not find any source of the graphic, and instead showed iterations of the image shared via meme sites (

Archived versions of the ‘Commitment to America’ website similarly did not reveal the image on the site (here), (here), (here).

“Those are fabricated images with false information,” Mark Bednar, Director of Strategic Communications, and spokesperson for House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy told Reuters.

“No, this is not legitimate and no those plans aren’t listed,” Lauren Fine, Communications Director for House Republican Whip, Steve Scalise also told Reuters.


False. The image circulating online is a fabricated graphic and not viewable via the ‘Commitment to America’ official website. Spokespeople for Republican House Whip Scalise and Republican House Leader McCarthy also told Reuters no such graphic was released via the ‘Commitment to America’ channel.

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