Fact Check-Fake image of CNN headline saying Rice Krispies character is transgender

An image claiming to show a CNN headline which says one of the cartoon characters used for Kellogg’s cereal Rice Krispies is now a transgender woman has been digitally altered. No such headline was published by CNN.

The CNN interface is seen at the top of the screenshot, while the alleged headline reads: “Kellogg’s spokesperson announces Rice Krispie mascot ‘Pop’ is now a trans woman”.

Although some users recognised the image as satire, others thought the screenshot showed an authentic headline published by CNN ( here ).

One user shared the screenshot on Facebook and said: “And you thought the "woke" M&Ms were bad! Don't feed your kids this crap!” ( here ).

Another user said: “The agenda continues” ( here ).

Other examples of the image shared online can be found ( here ), ( here ), ( here ), and ( here ).

An image is seen below the alleged headline of the three cartoon mascots for the cereal brand Rice Krispies: Snap, Crackle and Pop ( here ).

A CNN spokesperson said no such headline was published by CNN.

A search on CNN’s website did not reveal the alleged headline ( ).

A Twitter advanced search did not reveal the headline shared via CNN’s Twitter accounts (@CNN, @CNNBrk, @CNNImpact) ( ).

“We have made no changes to the Rice Krispies mascots, Snap Crackle and Pop,” a Kellogg’s spokesperson told Reuters ( here ).

A Google advanced search did not show the headline published by any media outlet. The advanced search showed that the screenshot was shared to meme websites such as iFunny ( ).

Reuters has previously addressed digitally altered images claiming to show authentic articles published by media outlets ( here ), ( here ).


Altered. CNN did not publish a headline reporting that Kellogg’s had said that a character or mascot used for its Rice Krispies cereal is now a transgender woman. No such headline was published by CNN and Kellogg’s has made no changes to its Rice Krispies mascots.

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