Fact Check-Parody video of comedian pretending to be a UK Conservative MP explaining mini budget and ‘trickle down’ economics taken seriously online

A satirical video of a comedian pretending to be a Conservative MP explaining the UK government’s mini budget and ‘trickle-down’ economics is being taken seriously by some social media users.

One Facebook user (here) uploaded a version of the clip alongside the caption: “Are you a flower with stables or a dead weed,” a nod to a metaphor used by the comedian – Rosie Holt – in the original version (here), where she says: “We’re not trickling down. We are watering a whole garden. Selectively. If you’re watering a garden, do you water everything in it? Some would argue yes, but I would say no. You water the lovely flowers and not the weeds.”

Other posts taking the footage seriously can be found on Twitter (here) and TikTok (here), where it has amassed more than 2.9 million views.

However, the clip shows comedian Holt pretending to appear on Sky News as a Tory MP following the British government’s mini budget announcement (here).

This format regularly features in Holt’s videos (here), which have repeatedly fooled social media users and politicians (here, here and


Satire. The parody video shows a comedian, not a Conservative MP.

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