Fact Check-Clip does not show individual running from conscription in Ukraine; Video dates to at least May 2020 and was filmed in Sochi, Russia

A clip of an individual running from police in a residential complex was not filmed in 2022, nor does it show an individual dodging conscription in Ukraine. The video dates to at least May 2020 and was filmed at a hotel complex in Sochi, Russia.

The clip shows an individual dressed in black shorts running away from uniformed police officers. The individual can be seen running around a playground area before darting back into a building.

One user shared the clip via Twitter and said: “Mobilization in Ukraine” (here).

Another said: “This is conscription in #Ukraine️. Nobody wants to die anymore for #ZelenskyWarCriminal and his regime. Only foreign mercenaries and #NeoNazis are still fighting and killing civilians in #Donetsk and all of #Donbass” (here).

Archived versions of the tweets can be seen ( and (

“Trying to serve to a Ukrainian a mobilization notice. None of them wanna do military service to Zelensky,” one user who shared the video on Instagram said (here).

Other examples of the video shared online can be seen (here), (here).

The clip is dates to at least May 2020 and was not filmed in Ukraine, however.

Another angle of the video featured in a local outlet based in Sochi, Russia published on May 17, 2022 (, (here).

The clip and stills of the video were also published by other outlets, and Reuters found iterations of the clip shared on social media in May 2020 (here), (here), (here), (

Per the Russian publications, the video was filmed at an isolation center in Sochi, Russia, where an individual attempted to escape mandatory quarantine.

Reuters geolocated the video to the "Velvet seasons" city-hotel (Ekaterininsky quarter), Sochi (

Images of the exterior of the hotel match the clip circulating online (here).

Meanwhile, the banner for the reception that can be seen in the clip of the individual evading police personnel (viewable at 20s) ( can also be seen in a TikTok clip uploaded by the hotel in question in October 2020 (here).

The symbol for the hotel, multi-colored sails that is seen on the hotel’s website ( can also be seen in the clip (viewable at 11s) (

The façade of the hotel is viewable in multiple reports of quarantine hotel centers in Sochi, Russia in 2020 (here), (here), (here).

Reuters previously addressed miscaptioned clips pertaining to the war in Ukraine (here), (here), (here).


Miscaptioned. A clip of an individual running away from uniformed officers does not show a person avoiding conscription in Ukraine in June 2022. The clip dates to at least May 2020 and was filmed at a hotel in Sochi, Russia.

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