Fact Check-Satirical Twitter account mimicking WHO tweeted that the organization would discuss how free speech can be ‘reformed’ at World Economic Forum

The World Health Organization (WHO) did not tweet an image of an extravagant dinner table at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit at Davos, adding that the Organization would be discussing how free speech “could be reformed.” The tweet was posted by a satirical Twitter account mimicking the WHO.

The tweet, posted on May 24, 2022 and featuring an image of a dinner table adorned with cutlery and food, reads: “The world leaders are about to break for a lunch of fresh Atlantic crab and Spanish pork, followed by duck and the worlds [sic] best cod from a sustainable farm in Norway. When we resume we will be discussing freedom of speech and how it could be reformed. #Davos2022” (here).

One social media user shared a screenshot of the tweet on Facebook and said: “When you can’t afford meat or groceries just remember what our Overloads are eating and why we do what we do” (here).

Another individual who shared the screenshot said: “The elite intend for you to be carbon checked and extract protein from CRICKETS and other willing insects bred for the purpose of feeding 'useless eaters.' Ask the Greens!” (here).

A user commented: “These people are a threat. These are the people who say we need to start eating bugs to save the world (somehow that makes sense to them). We need to respond appropriately” (here).

The tweet was not posted by the WHO and instead, was published by a satirical Twitter account mimicking the Organization.

The tweet was posted by a Twitter account with the handle @WorldHlthOrg, not the official Twitter account for the WHO (@WHO).

The account subsequently changed its handle to @WorldHellOrg after May 24, 2022. An archived version of the Twitter page can be found (here).

The description of the page also clearly states that the account is intended as satirical: “Dedicated to a one world government where you eat bugs and ride bikes and we fly on jets and eat T-bones (parody) All hail Shwabb (sic)” (referring to WEF founder, Klaus Schwab) (

A reverse image search reveals that the photograph posted by the satirical Twitter account is viewable as a stock image via the platform Shutterstock (here).

The World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the WHO, met in Geneva, Switzerland on May 24, 2022 (here).

The topics covered in this year’s WHO World Health Assembly do not include regulating free speech (here), (here). The theme is “Health for peace, peace for health”.

This differs to the World Economic Forum which began on May 22 and concludes on May 26, 2022 in Davos, Switzerland (here).

The WHO did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


Satire. The WHO did not tweet out an image of a dinner table adorned with food and cutlery, commenting that the Organization is preparing to discuss how freedom of speech can be reformed at the WEF in Davos. The tweet was posted by a satirical Twitter account mimicking the Organization and duped many online.

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