Fact Check-2016 photo of Klaus Schwab and Bono miscaptioned as if related to Ukraine war

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, did not meet U2 front man Bono in Ukraine in May 2022, contrary to claims made online. An image circulated on social media to make this allegation traces back to 2016 and was captured in Davos, Switzerland.

“U2 will own nothing and be happy... I guess Klaus Schwab got VIP in that custom made Concert (bomb emoji) Shelter in Ukraine,” reads a Facebook post with the miscaptioned image that has been shared more than 480 times (here). Other iterations are viewable (here) (here).

Other users are sharing a TikTok clip – or a screenshot of it - that displays the old photo alongside an overlayed text that reads: “Why was Klaus Schwab in Ukraine at the U2 concert? ” The video has been viewed more than 7,000 times as of the writing of this article (here ) (here) (here)

Irish rock group U2’s frontman Bono and his bandmate The Edge performed a 40-minute concert in a metro station in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on May 8 and praised Ukrainians fighting for their freedom from Russia (here).

Claims that Schwab attended the concert, or visited Ukraine that weekend, are unsupported.

Peter Vanham, Head of Communications at the Chairman’s Office of the World Economic Forum, told Reuters via email that “the claim that Klaus Schwab was in Ukraine last weekend is false.”

The image used as “evidence” can be found in the WEF Flicker site (here), according to the description it was captured on January 22, 2016 and shows them heading to the 'Special 10th Anniversary Celebration of the (RED) Campaign' during the WEF annual meeting in Davos.

Reuters pictures of the 2016 event are viewable (here).


Miscaptioned. This image traces back to 2016 in Davos, Switzerland. Klaus Schwab was not in Ukraine during the weekend of May 7-8, 2022, a spokesperson for the WEF told Reuters.

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