Fact Check-Edinburgh tram poster is digitally altered

An image shared online of a tram station advert that reads “Look out for the Tram-pedo” has been digitally altered.

The photo has been shared across social media (here, here, here, and here).

The advertisement shows a picture of a tram alongside a herd of elephants.

“Look out for the Tram-pedo”, it reads. “1 x Edinburgh tram equals the weight of 9 x African elephants”.

“Oh Edinburgh. I wish you’d asked literally anyone about this before launching the campaign”, text above the image says.

However the poster is old, and has been digitally altered.

Edinburgh Trams (here) tweeted back in 2018 that the image was a hoax, sharing a photo on Twitter of the original advert which reads: "Look out for the Tram-pede".


Altered. The image has been photoshopped to change the word “Tram-pede” to “Tram-pedo”.

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