Fact Check-Video takes Bill Gates’s quotes out of context to falsely claim the Microsoft co-founder is a ‘prime suspect’ in faking the pandemic

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is not a “prime suspect” in a hoax to orchestrate the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is real and has killed millions of people worldwide, but Gates’s name has been repeatedly used by social media users to spread misinformation about the disease.

This claim was made in a video amalgamating interviews with Gates under a fake breaking news banner reading: “BILL GATES BECOMES PRIME SUSPECT IN COVID PLANDEMIC”. It was originally posted on social media in January this year but continues to be shared widely, having been viewed more than 948,000 times (here).

The video removes interviews from their original context to give Gates’s words a sinister meaning. The first clip, for instance, shows him saying: “So we have to prepare for the next one, that will get attention this time”. In conjunction with the fake banner, the quote gives the misleading impression Gates planned the pandemic.

Gates made the statement originally in an interview with the United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation in June 2020 (here, timestamp 4.42). The interviewer asked Gates what his concerns for the future were, noting that he had accurately warned of a global pandemic in 2015 when Ebola appeared to be defeated (here).

Gates responded that the coronavirus pandemic will not be the last and the world must be better prepared for the next one, an argument also made by the World Health Organisation (here), global leaders (here), and medical experts (here , here and here).

The video then rolls to a second quote where Gates says: “We’re taking things that are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and we’re injecting them into little kid’s arms, we just shoot them right in the vein.” This clip has been shared before and contextualised by Reuters here . In short, Gates was discussing GMO food crops and said the strongest analogy was with medicines, where people also worried about side effects.

Another clip appears to show Gates saying that people “don’t have a choice” about being vaccinated. However, the original interview with the Financial Times newspaper in April 2020 shows that Gates was not discussing immunisation, but explaining how governments do not have the option to avoid the pandemic and its impacts (here). This misleading clip was widely shared last year and contextualised by the fact-checkers Politifact (here).

The video then shifts its focus to blog posts suggesting that COVID-19 vaccines alter your DNA by injecting a microchip. This is false and has been repeatedly debunked by Reuters here , here , here , here , here , here , here .

Finally, the video alleges that the debunked microchip vaccination works by using an enzyme called luciferase and suggests there is a satanic connection. However, none of the available COVID-19 vaccines contain this ingredient, which chemically reacts with the oxidized organic compound luciferin to produce light. The misinformation was explained comprehensively in a recent Reuters fact check here .


False. Bill Gates is not responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic – his quotes have been taken out of context to spread misinformation regarding vaccination.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here .