Fact Check-Video shows a restored tank used for a show, not a tank purchased by Dutch farmers

Social media users are sharing a video of a tank used for a show in Ommen and falsely claiming that it shows a tank purchased by Dutch farmers to block distribution centers amidst protests.

Examples can be seen (here) and (here ).

The text in one post reads: “Dutch farmers brought a tank to help with their blockades.”

The comments on the posts include: “This is why the 2nd amendment is so important. Guns are for fighting the government more than anything and they know this”, “Is this true or video from some other place and time?” and “This is the most American thing I have seen in a few years…..and it is coming from the Dutch!”

The posts include a video of a tank with a large number “34” on it in red and outlined in white being offloaded from a truck onto a street. The tank also has white text that reads “T-212598” on it.

A photograph of the same tank showing the same numbers was posted on Facebook by The Tank Museum in Bovington, United Kingdom on May 2, 2022 (here) with the text: “*Newly Announced Guest Tank* This tank was restored to running order in 2020 and will be appearing at TANKFEST for the first time. Book your tickets here.”

A similar photo showing the same tank appears on a website (here), with the information: “Sherman Vc – Classic MV’s, Haaksbergen (Netherlands) Serial Number 21938, built by Chrysler in July, 1943. This is a 75mm Sherman hull (most likely ex-Israeli M51) with a loose ex Belgium Firefly turret with it (Maurice Donckers). Ex Littlefield collection.”

Very similar photos of the tank were posted by the account Classic MV’s on its Facebook page (here) on Oct. 17, 2020. The page’s URL shows the name “Sherman Restoration” and has posted different photos of the same tank (here).

A video posted on May 7, 2022 (here) by the same page shows the tank in the same spot as the photos with the text: “First time outside this year for the Firefly. Preparations for A & E 2022 and Tankfest 2022.”

The page posted on June 29, 2022 (here) two additional photographs of the tank on a white truck with the text: “Since we sadly couldn’t make it to A&E 2022 and Tankfest 2022 due to issues with customs/export papers etc, we are happy to finally participate in an event nearby.. Ommen 75 Vrijheid!”

The white truck, the other vehicle on the truck and the surroundings are the same as what is seen in the video being shared (here!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sum-NKsly34TbpYP6qnimNA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 ).

The Classic MV Facebook page addressed the misattribution in a post (here ) that says: “This week we were very much involved in a “fake news” issue linking us to the farmers protests against the government’s pollution plans.. We participated in an event called “Ommen 75 Jaar Vrijheid” from 1 till 3 July. We wanted to unload the trailer with the Firefly on Monday the 4th but couldn’t because the farmers were blocking a retail distribution centre which is very nearby to our building. Tuesday it was a bit more calmer so we decided to unload but the unloading was filmed by some people that were hanging around the protests. From then on all kind of stories popped up about “farmers unloading a tank to participate in the protests” etc, etc.”

The post continued: “Although we are very committed to sustainability initiatives, and we are backing up the farmers in this unfair fight against unfounded government decisions, we are in no way involved in these farmer protests.”


False. The video shows a restored tank used to attend shows.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our fact-checking work here .