Fact Check-TikTok intended as a joke showing pet microchip scanner taken seriously

A TikTok clip viewed more than 11.8 million times does not prove that COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips. The video, which appears to show how a pet microchip scanner reacts to the arm of a vaccinated person, was intended as a “joke”, according to the creator.

Since the start of the pandemic, Reuters has repeatedly debunked the baseless claim that COVID-19 vaccines contain microchips or trackers ( here, here, here, here, here, here).

“They are literally tagging and tracking everybody taking the Jab”, reads a Facebook post with the video that has received over 10,000 views ( here ). “Not microchipping me! I’ll pass on the mark of the beast!” part of another comment reads. More iterations can be seen here here.

The original TikTok video here was posted on June 15 with hashtags referring to the COVID-19 vaccine and microchips, such as “#chipped” and “#covidvaccinesideeffects”. It shows a woman at a veterinary clinic (see the embroidery on her gown), allegedly demonstrating how a pet microchip scanner returns a chip ID when held next to her vaccinated arm.

On July 7, the creator commented on her video clarifying that it was “a joke” and that the scene shows “a dog chip.” “You guys believe anything on the internet,” she wrote.


False. A TikTok video does not show how a pet microchip scanner identifies a microchip in a vaccinated person’s arm. The creator clarified the content was intended as a joke.

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