Fact Check-Image purporting to show Trump statement on flushing January 6 notes down a toilet is fabricated

Screenshots of a statement purportedly released by former U.S. President Donald Trump on his birthday, June 14, have spread online. There is no evidence that the statement is genuine and Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington told Reuters that the statement was fake.

The ‘Save America’ masthead is viewable at the top of the image and the supposed statement is dated June 14, 2022. The style of the purported statement matches Trump’s previous statements published via his official website and subsequently posted through his spokesperson’s Twitter account.

The segment of the purported statement reads: “Some people say that I flushed those notes down the toilet, but what I “may” have flushed down the toilet is long gone since Biden stole The White House from me. Even though I “may” have suggested to many people that they needed to storm The Capitol peacefully at a meeting, it doesn’t mean they had to do it”.

Examples of the image shared online can be viewed (here), (here), (here), (here) and (here).

The image is “fake”, Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington told Reuters.

No such statement is viewable via Trump’s official website ( nor is the supposed statement viewable on archived version of his website captured on June 15 (here).

An advanced Google search did not reveal the supposed statement, nor did the search show any news articles reporting on the supposed statement (

No such statement is viewable via Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ account (here).

One Twitter user alleged that the statement was “posted and deleted” from Harrington’s Twitter account (here).

Harrington told Reuters that she has not posted any of Trump’s statements on Twitter for weeks since he began “using TRUTH social with great regularity” (

A statement was released on Trump’s website on June 14. However, the statement focused on an endorsement of Abraham Hamadeh as a candidate for Arizona Attorney General (here).

Reuters previously addressed fabricated Trump statements shared on social media (here), (here).


False. An image purporting to show a released by former U.S. President Donald Trump on June 14, 2022, about flushing notes on January 6, 2020, down a toilet, is fabricated.

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