Fact Check-Trump is not president, did not file cease and desist order for COVID-19 vaccines

Posts saying former United States President Donald J. Trump is currently the president and signed a cease and desist order for the COVID-19 vaccines are false. Trump lost the election to Joe Biden and there are no records of Trump signing such an order.

Examples can be seen here and here .

The text in one post reads: “President Trump has signed an order to CEASE and DESIST ALL COVID-19 VACCINES. The vaccine does not give you ANY PROTECTION, it is all coming from BIG PHARMAC and is ALL LIES. The vaccine is a BIO WEAPON to depopulate the world. TRACK THE MONEY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. EMPLOYERS CANNOT insist you get the vaccine, they WILL have to pay the piper if they do, as it will be classed as a CRIME against humanity.”

Biden, not Trump, is the legitimate president of the United States. As stated by article 2, section 1 of the U.S. constitution, the person with the greatest number of votes from the Electoral College shall be the president ( here ) and before he enters “on the Execution of his Office” he shall take the Oath of Office. The National Archives Electoral College Timeline of Events records the President-elect becomes the President of the United States at noon on Jan. 20, 2021 after taking the Oath of Office ( here ).

Biden received the most Electoral College votes, with 306 to Donald Trump’s 232, a result that was later certified by the U.S. congress ( here ). A video of Biden taking the Oath of Office at his inauguration on Jan. 20, can be seen here and here .

Trump sent cease-and-desist letters on March 5, 2021 to the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Campaign and National Republican Senate Campaign, asking them to stop using his name and likeness on fundraising emails and merchandise (here ).

However, Reuters found no evidence of Trump signing a cease and desist letter regarding the COVID-19 vaccine recently or while he was in office.

News organizations did not report on any such letter and Trump’s website makes no mention of one.

No tweets about the order exist on Trump’s now-deleted and archived Twitter account or in ProPublica’s “Politwoops” archive, which tracks deleted tweets by public officials here .

Representatives for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Trump administration established “Operation Warp Speed” in April 2020, joining pharmaceutical companies with government agencies and the military to speed up the development and production of the COVID-19 vaccine (here).

The New York Times reported in March 2021 here that Trump himself was vaccinated in January before leaving the White House.

Reuters has previously debunked similar claims that Biden is not the legitimate president here , here , here , here , here , and here )


False. Former President Donald J. Trump is not the president of the United States and there is no evidence he signed a cease and desist order for COVID-19 vaccines.

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