Fact Check-Fabricated Donald Trump Jr tweet on Trump supporters on Mar-a-Lago lawn was created by satirical Twitter account

Users have shared a screenshot purporting to show a tweet sent by the former U.S. President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, urging Trump supporters to stay off the lawn at their Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago. The image is fabricated, and the falsified tweet was created by a satirical Twitter account.

In the screenshot, Donald Trump Jr’s official Twitter handle (@DonaldJTrumpJr) is viewable at the top left of the image, with text beneath that reads: “While my Father loves almost all his supporters, please do not come to Mar-a-Lago to support President Trump. We have many important people coming through the club and need to keep it clean.”

The fabricated screenshot was shared on social media after FBI agents searched the former president’s Florida home on Aug. 8, 2022, and removed boxes of documents, with the Department of Justice adding that some were marked top secret (here).

One tweet featuring the image reads, in part, “Dear #Trump’sters: He’s not your friend. Doesn’t care about you. Doesn’t like you. Doesn’t even want you near his home. He just lies to you & uses you.” (here)

Another individual who shared a screenshot on Facebook said: “Wow! Donnie jr on twitter. See what they think of their supporters?” (here).

Other examples of the image shared on social media can be found (here), (here), (here), (here) and (here).

The tweet is fabricated, however, and originated via a satirical Twitter account that regularly creates and posts falsified screenshots. The screenshot was first shared by the handle @FaithRubPol and the username ‘Follow Plz? Faith Back Rub’ with a profile description that reads: “Trying to understand this crazy world & get a few laughs. Most of our images are satire.”

The user posted the fabricated Trump Jr post on Aug. 14, 2022 (here).

The image of the purported tweet also provides several indicators towards its inauthenticity, with the time printed in the bottom left corner as 6:99am and allegedly published on Aug. 13, 2022.

Text printed on the bottom right corner of the screenshot clearly labels the fabricated image as satire: “Parody by Back Rub.”

Many users who shared the fabricated screenshot in a way that the satirical label and time stamp were cut from view.

A search through Trump Jr’s Twitter account did not reveal the purported tweet ( nor did an archived version of his Twitter account saved on Aug. 13, 2022 reveal the post (here).

A Twitter advanced search did not reveal the alleged tweet, while a Google advanced search did not reveal any news reports on the supposed post (, (

An archive of Trump Jr’s deleted tweets compiled by PolitiTweet similarly did not reveal the supposed post (here).

Reuters has previously addressed satirical screenshots that duped users into thinking that the images were authentic, created by the user @FaithRubPol (here), (here).


Satire. Donald Trump Jr did not post a tweet urging Trump supporters to stay off the lawn at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The image was fabricated and shared by a satirical Twitter account.

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