Fact Check-Image purporting to show Trump calling Cassidy Hutchinson a ‘total failure’ after Capitol assault hearing is fabricated

An image purporting to show a statement by the former U.S. President Donald Trump calling Cassidy Hutchinson a “total failure” after her testimony to the January 6th Committee hearing, is fabricated.

Trump’s ‘Save America’ masthead is viewable on the upper third of the doctored screenshot, which circulated online shortly after the ex-aide to former White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, testified at the televised hearing on June 28.

The purported statement reads: “Today, Cassidy Hutchinson testified to the fake, discredited January 6th Committee. Hutch, as we called her, was a terrible employee and not really a member of the team. Her biggest job duty with us was making sure we had Diet Coke in the kitchen, and on at least two occasions, she brought in Diet Pepsi. TOTAL FAILURE. The kids say, “she’s a 10 but” and I can’t go that far, if we’re being completely honest. She’s a 6 but she turned her back on MAGA!”.

One user shared the screenshot on Twitter and said: “Ouch. But it also once more raises the issue of why Trump had so many "terrible employees", from cabinet secretaries to Cola minions?” (here).

Another iteration had gathered more than 1,900 likes on Twitter at the time of writing (here).

The image is fabricated and no such statement was released by Trump, his spokesperson Liz Harrington told Reuters.

The purported statement is not viewable on Trump’s official website, nor can the statement be seen in archived versions of the website dated June 28, 2022 (, (here).

The statement is not viewable on Harrington’s Twitter account, nor can it be seen in posts published via Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ account (, (here).

A Google advanced search did not reveal any news article reporting on the alleged statement (

Trump did release a statement via Truth Social while Hutchinson was testifying, claiming that he had previously turned down her request to work at Maro Lago after his presidency (here).

Hutchinson had not publicly responded to this assertion at the time of writing.

On June 28, the sixth day of congressional hearings into the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, Hutchinson testified to what Meadows and Trump knew in the days before and on the day of the attack (nL1N2YF1VX).

Reuters has previously addressed numerous fabricated posts that duped social media users (here), (here).


False. Former U.S. President Donald Trump did not release a statement saying that Cassidy Hutchinson was a “terrible employee and not really a member of the team” following her testimony at the Jan. 6 hearing. The image is fabricated.

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