Fact Check-No evidence to support authenticity of disparaging tweet sent by father of Tory MP Liz Truss

There is no evidence to support the authenticity of a screenshot circulating online appearing to show a disparaging tweet purportedly sent by Conservative MP Liz Truss’ father.

On July 11, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is in the running against fellow Conservative and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, to become the next Prime Minister, tweeted a clip with a caption that reads: “I have a clear vision for our country and economy - and the experience and resolve to deliver it” (here).

The screenshot shared online appears to show a Twitter user, John Truss, with a verified handle @thesocialistprof retweeting the afore-mentioned post with a caption that reads: “Her mother and I would be surprised if she could deliver anything - she was unable to tie her shoelaces until she was 12. Please turn against fascism poo-poo bear.”

One user who shared the screenshot on Facebook said: “Not quite the endorsement you expect from your Father” (here).

Another user said: “Even Liz Truss’ own dad thinks she is a fascist” (here).

An individual who shared the screenshot on Twitter commented: “She needs to listen to her parents” (here).

Other examples of the image shared on social media can be found (here), (here), (here), (here), (here).

A search through the retweets pertaining to Truss’ July 11 post did not reveal the alleged retweet (here).

Reuters found no such account when searching for the purported handle (@thesocialistprof) nor did an advanced Twitter search reveal the alleged tweet (

A search through Twitter did not reveal replies under a notice of a deleted tweet sent via an account with the handle @thesocialistprof, as would be the case if a popular tweet had been subsequently deleted (

Similarly, Reuters did not find any tweets or replies to the alleged handle (@thesocialistprof).

A Google advanced search did not reveal any news article reporting on the alleged tweet ( nor did a search reveal any article reporting on the purported Twitter handle, @thesocialistprof (

Truss and Sunak are the remaining candidates in the race to become the next Prime Minister after Boris Johnson announced his decision to step down on July 7, 2022 (here), (here), (here).


No evidence. Reuters found no evidence to support the authenticity of a screenshot that purported to show Liz Truss’ father posting a disparaging tweet about his daughter, who is in the running to become the next British Prime Minister.

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