Fact Check-Altered photo of Tucker Carlson holding newspaper with Buffalo shooting homepage

Social media users are sharing a photograph of conservative American television host Tucker Carlson holding a newspaper where the front-page article has been altered to show images of the mass shooting in Buffalo, upstate New York on May 16.

Examples can be seen (here) (here).

The original image was posted by Carlson on his Twitter page (here) on May 1, 2022. The front page of the newspaper shows an image of Carlson on his show on Fox News with the headline “American Nationalist” and the text “How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable News”.

The newspaper stories shown in the altered social media posts appear to come from real articles by The Buffalo News (here) and The New York Times (here).

An 18-year-old white gunman shot 10 people to death and wounded three on Saturday at a grocery store in a Black neighborhood of upstate New York, before surrendering after what authorities called an act of "racially motivated violent extremism." (here)

Authorities said the suspect, who was armed with an assault-style rifle and appeared to have acted alone, drove to Buffalo from his home several hours away to launch the afternoon attack that he broadcast in real time on social media platform Twitch, a live video service owned by (here)

Eleven of the 13 people struck by gunfire were Black, officials said. The two others were white. The racial breakdown of the dead was not made clear. (here)


Altered. The photograph of Tucker Carlson holding a copy of the New York Times with a story about him has been altered to include stories about the recent shooting in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

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