Fact Check-Video of the ‘world’s largest plane’ crashing is from computer game

A recording from a moment in a video game where a burning Ukrainian aircraft crash lands on a runway has confused social media users into thinking it is real.

The four-minute clip has been viewed millions of times online and shows an Antonov-225 Mriya, the world’s largest cargo plane (here), crash landing at an unidentified location, with all four of its engines on fire.

In one June 24 Facebook post, the video is captioned: “World’s Biggest Airplane Emergency Landing After Four Engines Exploding” (here , here). Many users in the comments appear to believe the video shows a real-life moment.

“Terrifying for all aboard. I know pilot and crew very meticulously trained but I can’t imagine any training prepping them for the real-life drama. Well done majorly to pilot who kept that safe,” said one person.

Another asked: “This must have been so scary for the passengers. Did they all survive I hope.”

But the video does not show a real event. It is a recording of a video game.

Two Facebook users said they were playing Grand Theft Auto V, an action-adventure computer game. Similar clips have been posted by other players online, see here , here , and here.

Moreover, there was only one Atonov-225 ever built to completion, according to Air Charter Service (here).

It was destroyed in February 2022 in the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian state arms manufacturer Ukroboronprom said at the time that restoration of the aircraft would cost more than $3 billion to complete (here).


False. The video does not show a real event. It shows a simulation from a video game.

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