Fact Check-Images do not show Nazi salutes at Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Social media users are claiming images from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, held on May 14, show Nazi salutes made by a member of Ukraine’s winning act and Poland’s representative for the programme. Footage, however, indicates that the subjects were making different hand gestures.

In one example, social media users shared images from a video of Ukraine’s winners Kalush Orchestra leaving the stage, suggesting the visual shows one of its members, Oleg Psiuk, making a Nazi salute (here, here and here).

One user wrote: “#Eurovision winner, Kalush Orchestra, was caught on camera doing what appears to be the Nazi salute.”

Posts also alleged that Poland’s Eurovision spokesperson, actor and presenter Ida Nowakowska, made a Nazi salute during the show, sharing a video of her awarding points from Poland to Ukraine (here, here, here, here, here and here).

One user wrote: “Polish actress Ida Nowakowska wanted to support Ukraine, got emotional, made a Nazi salute and shouted the Bandera cry glory to Ukraine, under which the Bandera massacred the Poles.”

However, neither video appears to show the individuals making such a gesture.

Footage showing an alternative angle of Kalush Orchestra leaving the Eurovision stage indicates that rapper Psiuk was in fact waving to the crowd (here, timestamp 0:17).

Zooming in on the visual at timestamp 0:17, Psiuk’s fingers can be seen clearly sprawled, not held tightly together as in a Nazi salute, while he raises his arm in the air.

A Reuters comparison of the images can be seen here.

Meanwhile, Nowakowska appears to in fact make a “V”, or “peace”, sign as seen in original footage of the presenter announcing Poland’s public vote results for Ukraine.

The footage, here (segment begins timestamp 11:45), depicts Nowakowska giving a peace sign, which can be seen clearly at timestamp 12:15.

A comparison of the images can be seen here.


Misleading. Videos from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 do not show Kalush Orchestra member Oleg Psiuk or Poland’s spokesperson Ida Nowakowska making Nazi salutes. Footage shows Psiuk waving and Nowakowska making a peace, or “V”, sign.

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