Fact Check-Comedian Sam Hyde is not the 'Ghost of Kyiv'

Posts claiming that a so-called “Ghost of Kyiv” is American comedian Sam Hyde have been taken seriously by some on social media.

The posts (here , here , here) show a picture of a fighter pilot who they claim is a man named “Samuyil Hyde”.

“Ukrainian fighter-ace known as the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’s real name is Samuyil Hyde, a 36 year old who was identified as the Mig-29 Pilot accredited with downing 6 Russian Jets”, reads the caption on one post.

The unverified story of a Ukrainian jet fighter, dubbed online as “the Ghost of Kyiv”, who purportedly singlehandedly downed six Russian aircraft has gone viral on social media. The existence of this pilot, however, could not be independently verified by Reuters (more on this, here).

The posts are actually part of a long-running satire theme that baselessly links Sam Hyde to deadly attacks such as mass shootings (here , here).

In this case, Hyde’s face has been photoshopped on that of an American who was killed in a fighter jet crash in Ukraine in 2018 (here).

Despite this, some users have taken the posts seriously, leaving comments such as: “We appreciate your braveness” and “Well by naming him you have put a big old target on his back”.


False. The posts are part of a long-running joke that baselessly links comedian Sam Hyde to deadly attacks such as mass shootings. Hyde’s face has been photoshopped on to an image of a fighter pilot.

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