Fact Check-Incorrect figures aired in RSBN election broadcast are not proof of voter fraud in PA governor’s race

Typographical errors aired during a Right-Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) election broadcast on Nov 8 showing incorrect data pertaining to the Pennsylvania governor’s race is not proof of voter fraud. The incorrect data that was aired was a result of manually inputting election numbers, the network said in a statement. The typographic errors did not reflect official votes.

The graphic shared online showed Democrat Josh Shapiro – who eventually went on to win the race – with 56.6% of the vote compared to his Republican challenger, Doug Mastriano with 41.6% of the vote. The graphic, however, showed Shapiro appearing to gather significantly fewer votes (370,706) to Mastriano’s tally (844,669).

Some shared the graphic with the incorrect figures as proof of voter fraud.

One individual shared the graphic on Twitter and said: “The fix is in” (here).

Other examples of the claim shared online can be found (here), (here) and (here).

The incorrect figures did not reflect the official tally and instead, were a result of an error when manually inputting election data, the network said.

“During election night on November 8th, 2022, our third-party service provider, which was feeding our system with election data, had an issue with their servers. As a result, this caused us to need to manually input election numbers for the first five hours of our broadcast,” the network said in a statement sent to Reuters via email.

“Due to this issue with our provider and the manual input required, we incorrectly reported numbers in our broadcast. The issue included incorrect vote counts and incorrect percentages, which were displayed on screen for just over a minute starting at 10:04 PM ET and ending at 10:05 PM ET,” the statement read.

The statement further pointed to the on-air correction that was made at the time.

The incorrect figures can be seen aired in the live broadcast embedded in the RBSN website (viewable at 50:12s) (here).

“I’m a little confused, Brian, at this graphic, correct me if I’m wrong. Yes, the math does not add up,” Vanessa Broussard, a presenter at the network, is heard as saying (viewable at 51:07s) (here).

“We’ll see if we can get a correction on that,” co-presenter Brian Glenn responded.

Later during the live broadcast (viewable at 2:07:47s), a graphic showed Shapiro ahead with 54.6% of the vote (2,185,911 votes) to Mastriano’s 43.6% (1,744,382 votes) with 68% reporting (here).

Subsequently, (viewable at 3:21:38s) a graphic aired with Shapiro gathering 54.6% (2,642,425 votes) to Mastriano’s 43.6% (2,114,207 votes) at 82% reporting (here).

Mastriano conceded to his Democratic counterpart, Shapiro, on Nov. 13 (here).

With 98% of expected votes counted, Shapiro gathered 56.3% of the vote (2,992,605 votes) to Mastriano’s 41.9% (2,227,092 votes) as of 5pm EST on Nov. 14 (here).


Missing context. Incorrect figures aired during the election night broadcast by RSBN are not proof of voter fraud in the Pennsylvania governor’s race. The network said that the typographical error was caused by manually inputting election results during the live broadcast.

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