Fact Check-Thanksgiving traffic video is not from 2021, but 2017

A traffic video shared online that claims to show Thanksgiving traffic in 2021 is miscaptioned. The 53-second clip shows Thanksgiving traffic in Los Angeles, California from several years ago.

Tweets that contain video from ABC News that depicts cars backed up for miles on a freeway in both directions are viewable  here  and  here  .

ABC news representatives told Reuters the clip dates back to Thanksgiving 2017, and is visible here.

Heavy traffic in LA over Thanksgiving is common. Similar queues in 2019 can be seen here , here and from November 2016, here ,  here   ,     here  , and  here  .

Live LA traffic jams can be seen here.

Millions of Americans have begun traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. Travel group AAA estimates 53.4 million people will travel for the holiday, up 13% from 2020, with air travel recovering to about 91% of pre-pandemic levels (here).


Miscaptioned. Video of Thanksgiving traffic is not from 2021 but holiday traffic from 2017.

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